6В02103 – «Acting»

Field of professional activity:

Theater and film companies, radio and television, education system, management system, creative organizations in the field of art and culture, mass media, editorial and publishing centers.


Subjects of professional activity:

The subjects of professional activity of graduates are:

– roles in theater, film, and television;

– creative work on radio, television, Philharmonic, creative foundations, enterprises;

– management of theater and creative groups;

– teaching in secondary professional educational institutions of culture and art, schools.


Types of professional activity:

A bachelor’s degree in Acting can perform the following types of professional activities:

– creative: performing roles in theater, cinema, television, acting as a soloist, singing in an ensemble, choir, acting as a host of radio and television programs;

– educational (pedagogical): conduct training in special subjects in secondary and vocational schools, set and solve pedagogical and creative tasks, introduce new methods and forms of teaching;

– production and management: manage creative teams, cultural departments, structural divisions of secondary professional educational institutions, creative studios;

– project: develop creative projects in the field of theatrical art, organize and conduct festivals and competitions;

– research: to study the problems of domestic and foreign acting.


Functions of professional activity:

– performing;

– educational;

– communicative;

– managerial;

– educational;

– scientific research.


Typical tasks of professional activity

– proficiency in professional knowledge, skills and abilities of acting;

– knowledge of the basic teachings in the field of social and humanitarian Sciences and special Sciences; ethical and legal norms that regulate the relationship of a person to a person, society, and the environment;

– the ability to recreate the artistic structure of stage and screen works by acting means;

– acquisition of new knowledge.


A graduate of this specialty can hold the following positions:

actor, teacher, theater administrator, announcer, TV host, assistant Director, etc.


Academic degree: bachelor’s degree

Elective subject for the UNT: elective subject + creative exams

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies


  • 4 years after secondary education
  • 3 years after secondary professional education
  • 3 years after higher education

The Faculty of «Academy of cinema and Television» of the University «Turan» announces an admission for the 2019-2020 academic year for training under the new educational program
The «Acting» educational program prepares competitive, highly qualified and competent film and drama theater actors who are capable, under the direction of the director, of preparing and playing roles in films and dramatic performances of various genres that have the skills to act as assistant director. The program is supported by well-equipped training studios that provide practical skills in the field of acting. Classes will be held by Honored Art Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and leading directors.

• Mastery of the actor and stage movement
• Acting technique
• Mastery of the actor
• Stage speech in drama theater and cinema
• Plastic in the play and cinema
• Plastic role drawing
• Director’s work with the actor

Kоbek Gulzat Bolatbekkyzy – Head of the Department of «Motion picture art», Professor, PhD Doctor of Art Criticism, film critic. Since 2014, Member of the Academic Council of the Institute of Literature and Art named after M. Auezov. Since 2015 Member of the independent «Аccreditation and rating» agency. Member of the Dissertation Council of KazNAA named after T. Zhurgeneva. Today, a leading film expert in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. Articles were written about the cinema of Kazakhstan in republican newspapers and magazines, such as: «Egemen Kazakhstan», «Aykyn», «Zhas Kazak».

Тоkarev М.М. – Soviet and Kazakhstan film and theater actor. Honored Artist of Kazakhstan.
1996 – Honored Artist of Kazakhstan (December 9, 1996) – for services to the state and in connection with the 5th anniversary of Independence of the Republic.
2013 – Order of Kurmet.
2015 – Badge of Honor «For Merits in the Development of Culture and Art» (April 16, 2015, Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS) – for a significant contribution to the formation and development of the common cultural space of the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the implementation of ideas for cooperation in the field of culture and art .
Honored Worker of the USSR. Actor «Lermontov Theater».
Work on Kazakhstani TV: host of the «Сфетафор Сфетафорович» program, author and host of the «Детектив-клуб» program (KTK channel), «Пестрая лента» (NTK channel).
Since 2002, she has been teaching at the Faculty of Culture at the Almaty branch of St. Petersburg University for the Humanities.
Member of the Presidium of the Union of Theater Workers of Kazakhstan.
Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
• Specialty
• acting
• Specialization
• acting techniques
• Experience and achievements
• Membership in organizations:
Honored Worker of the USSR (2016).

Mikhail Mikhailovich Tokarev, 35 years old, is an actor of the State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after M. Yu. Lermontova, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the stage he played more than a hundred roles – Баба-Яга («Василиса Прекрасная»), Котэ («Тифлисские свадьбы»), Фурманов («Так громче музыка!»), Кумбатович («Степной комиссар»), Пабло («Третье слово, или Любовь дикаря»).

Makhpirova R.N. – Honored Actress of the Republic of Kazakhstan, available titles, awards – Honored Artist of the Kaz SSR, 1996. She began her creative activity in the Karaganda Kazakh Regional Theater named after S. Seifullin. From 1971 to 1977 she worked at the Dzhambul Regional Theaternamed after Abay. And from 1977 to the present, she has been working in the Uyghur Theater as a soloist and vocalist.
List of roles played:
1. Наркес – сп.»Наркес» Юмагулов
2. Адвокат – сп. «Пленники» К.Мухамеджанов
3. Назы – сп. «Дуэль « М.Байджиев
4. Алтынай – сп. «Первый учитель» Ч.Айтматов
5. Аксинья – сп.»Тихий Дон» Шолохов
6. Бота – сп.»Казак солдаты» Г.Мусрепов
7. Галия – сп. «Балуан Шолак» С.Муканов
8. Мехменебану – сп. «Фархад и Ширин» Ш.Хуршид
9. Назугум – сп. «Назугум» Дж.Бусаков
10. Лейла – сп. «Лейли и Меджнун»

Krezhenchukova V.D. – Graduated from Alma-Ata State Institute of Arts named after Kurmangazy, specialty – theater actor. In the troupe of the theater since 1973. Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dolmatova Natalya Valentinovna – Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Graduated from Kazakh State University, faculty of journalism (1988); School-Studio at GARTD named after Lermontova, specialty – theater and film actor (1980).

One of the leading actresses of the State Russian Academic Drama Theater. M. Yu. Lermontov, where she played about 50 roles. Starred in the television series «Перекресток», in tapes «Казахфильма»: «Разлучница», «Последние каникулы». She collaborated with television for many years. A teacher of acting at the faculty of the «Academy of cinema and Television» at the University of «Turan». Has Prizes: Medal “Енбегi Ушiн”.

Movie roles:

  • 2012 – Одноклассники (сериал) – Наталья
  • 2011 – Олимпиада грабителей – мать Артема
  • 2011 – Два пистолета. Неуловимый бриллиант – мать Артема
  • 2009 – Сделка (к/м)
  • 2007 – Рэкетир – акушерка
  • 1999 – Боготворящий смерть
  • 1996-2000 – Перекресток (сериал) – Надя, жена Паши
  • 1996 – Последние каникулы
  • 1991 – Разлучница

Roles in the theater:

  • Е. Черняк – Василиса Прекрасная – Анфиса
  • Н. Птушкина – Пока она умирала – Татьяна
  • С. Мрожек – Танго – Элеонора
  • Д. Исабеков – Сети дьявола – Люба
  • А. Галин – Сирена и Виктория – Виктория
  • М. Фрейн – Шум за сценой – Миссис Клакетт-Дотти Отли
  • Г. Фигейредо – Эзоп – Мелита

During the training, you gain working skills in practical auxiliary positions in a single workshop, film crew, recording studios, participate in the preparation, selection, selection and audition of actors for filming, work directly in the film crew, participate in recording in the film studios of television studios and television centers.
• Association of world film schools, the international festival of student films and film schools «Bastau»
• JSC Kazakhfilm named after S. Aimanova
• RTRK JSC «Kazakhstan»
• Commercial TV Channel JSC
• Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents and Sound Recordings of the Republic of Kazakhstan
• Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation
• Public Fund «Oraza Abishev Foundation»
• «Mark II Production»
• International Film Festival «Eurasia»
• Film company «MG Production»
• «TANARIS Production»
• Theater «ARTiSHOK»
• «Stage 54»
• «Action Lab»
• Workshop on game direction «ACTION!»

Thanks to established international relations, our undergraduates have the opportunity to undergo scientific internships abroad, attend summer schools at partner universities and undergo professional internships. Every year, eminent masters from prominent film schools of the world conduct trainings for students.

• Korea University of Media and Arts, South Korea, Sejong, Asia
• State University of Theater and Cinema named after S. Rustaveli, Georgia, Tbilisi
• International Academy of Film and Television, China, Hong Kong, Asia
• New York Film Academy, New York, USA
• All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.A. Gerasimova, Russia, Moscow
• Higher school of directors and scriptwriters, Russia, St. Petersburg
• Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts, Russia, Krasnoyarsk
• LLC Musical communication agency “Media Land”, Moscow
• Public organization “Union of cinematographers of Kyrgyzstan”, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Asia.

During the educational process, students of the specialty «Acting» lead an active student life, participate in all activities of the university, faculty and department. Students participate in conferences, seminars, round tables, master classes, creative meetings in the field of art and culture, as well as in events dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and charity events.

A bachelor’s graduate in the specialty «Acting» is awarded the academic bachelor’s degree in acting. Qualifications and positions are determined in accordance with the «Qualification directory of positions of managers, specialists and other employees», approved by order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 22, 2002 №273-П»

A graduate in this specialty can occupy the following positions: actor, teacher, theater administrator, broadcaster, television presenter, assistant director, etc.

Qualification characteristics of the bachelor of the specialty «Acting Art»:

Field of professional activity: art of theater and cinema, radio and television, education system, management system, creative organizations in the field of art and culture, mass media, publishing and publishing centers.

Objects of professional activity: The objects of professional activity of graduates are: theaters, film studios, organization culture and art, secondary and higher educational institutions of art and culture, media editors, creative assets, management and culture departments.

Subjects of professional activity: subjects of professional activity of graduates are:
– roles in theater, cinema, television;
– creative work on radio, television, philharmonic society, creative foundations, enterprises;
– leadership of theatrical and creative groups.

Department “Motion picture art”. Tel. 260-40-34

Head of department, PhD, film expert

Kobek Gulzat Bolatbekkyzy

Tel. 260-40-34

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