6B06102 «Computer technology and software»

Now the profession of the programmer became very demanded. First of all, it is connected to development of computer technologies and the Internet. Such experts participate in development of different programs for text editors, the websites, games, systems of video surveillance, a signaling, etc.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Torvalds Linus … All these people have become famous thanks to special talent in programming. Work in such area is considered mainly men’s, but the first programmer is the woman. This is the daughter of the famous English poet Byron – Ada Lovelace. Exactly thanks to her there were first methods of management of calculations which are still used in modern programming.

Academic degree: bachelor degree, magistracy

Profile objects ENT:

Mathematics + Physics

Profile objects ENT:

Mathematics + Bases of algorithmization and programming

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Training term: 4 years after secondary education (internally)

3 years after an average professional (internally, remote)

2 years after the highest (remote)

  1. Program engineering
  2. Administration of systems and networks

Students of specialty “ADP Equipment and Software” have knowledge in the field of the information theory, architecture of the computer, the organization of computing systems, bases of the database, the system software, a computer and engineering graphics, Internet – technologies, computer networks, numerical methods, models and methods of management of mathematical methods in economy, the economic theory, operating systems, work benches of development of programs, interfaces of computer systems.

All graduates of specialty “ADP Equipment and Software” of “Computer and Program Engineering” department find a job and successfully work in the large companies of Kazakhstan and abroad in quality: system and application programmers, system administrators, specialists in design (attending) of program and information systems, web designers.

Obligatory disciplines

Modern history of Kazakhstan


Foreign language

Kazakh (Russian) language

¡nformation and communication technologies (English )

Algorithmization and programming


Architecture and organization of computer systems

Digital circuitry

System programming

Tools of development of programs

Elective disciplines

Bases of operating systems


Methods and security features of computer information

Technology multimedia

Development of mobile applications

Systems of an artificial intelligence

Web technologies

Administration of networks on the MS Windows Server platform

Hardware infotelekommunikatsionnykh of systems


Computer networks

Development of technological startups

Нусупбекова Гульжан Сериковна – доктор технических наук, профессор. Имеет более 60 опубликованных работ, в том числе 4 учебных пособия и монографии. Награждена Почетной грамотой Акимата, благодарностью МОН РК, Акима Медеуского района г. Алматы, Почетной грамотой Управления образования г. Алматы. За заслуги удостоена звания «Почетный работник образования РК».

Утепбергенов Ирбулат Торемуратович – доктор технических наук, профессор. Является действительным членом Международной академии информатизации (г. Москва), членом диссертационного совета по защите докторских диссертаций в КазНУ имени  аль-Фараби. Подготовил 3 доктора наук и более восьми  кандидатов технических наук. Обладатель государственного гранта «Лучший преподаватель – 2014». Автор свыше 170 научных и учебно-методических трудов, среди которых более 20 учебных пособий.

Куандыкова Джанна Рискуловна – декан факультета «Академия кино и телевидения», кандидат технических наук, профессор. Автор более 40 научных, научно-методических работ и пособий.

Кубеков Булат Сальмуханович – кандидат технических наук, профессор. Автор более 60 научных, научно-методических работ и пособий. Награжден медалью «За особые заслуги» и нагрудным знаком имени И. Алтынсарина.

Конысбаев Амирет Туякулы  – Президент Ассоциации развития парка информационных технологий «Alatau IT city», кандидат философских наук. Автор более 40 научных и методических трудов. Имеет свидетельство на изобретение, государственные награды и поощрения. Практикующий бизнес-тренер.

Нурмаганбетова Айман Турымовна – кандидат технических наук, доцент. Автор более 30 статей и учебных пособий.

Students have a possibility of passing of a work practice in the following organizations:

Institute information and KN computing technologies of MAUN RK

Science and Technology Park Alatau LLP

JSC NAT Kazakhstan

DAR ecosystem company

JSC Natsionalny center of informatization

JSC Logikom

JSC Bank Home Credit and Finance

JSC Nursat

KazPress LLP

MobisoftEnterprise LLP,

InformConsulting LLP,

Company ElsiTech LLP

Icon LLP

Media Plening LLP

Students of specialty “Computer Facilities and Software” are given ample opportunities for training in programs of the academic mobility and two-degree education in foreign higher education institutions:

Georgia Southern University (USA)

Asia Pasific University of Technology & Innovation (Malaysia)

University of applied sciences Tsittau-Gerlitts, Germany

Istanbul Arel University (Turkey)


Baltic international academy (Latvia)

St. Petersburg state transport university of the Emperor Alexander I (Russia)

Institute of radiotronics, service and diagnosis (Russia)

St. Petersburg university of telecommunications (Russia)

Penza state technological university (Russia)

Graduates of specialty are completely demanded in the state and private enterprises and the organizations developing, implementing and using an ADP equipment and the software in different areas namely:

Mechanical engineering Metallurgy  Transport
Telecommunications  Science  Education
Health care  Agriculture   Banks
Law enforcement agencies Business Economy
 Administrative management Management of various technologies

Turan university, Dostyk Ave. 110,

faculty “Academy of cinema and television,

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