Logistics – a relatively new specialty, but quite in demand in the labor market. The logistics service has a close relationship with almost all divisions of the company. Logistic is a profession of the 21st century. The main functions of the logistician are working with customers and suppliers, preparing documents, systematizing them and creating registers. The logistician’s duties also include resolving organizational issues related to the formation and placement of an order, coordinating the work of the warehouse and the transport service, forecasting purchases with the sales department and laying out cargo routes, inventory management. In addition, the logistician must know foreign languages, be able to negotiate with contractors and drivers, and be able to correctly use information technologies in his work. A logistics professional must comprehensively represent all business processes, supply chains and find solutions for their rational optimization.

Academic degree: Bachelor in Services

Elective items at UNT

Mathematics + Geography

UNT disciplines (for applicants in a related specialty):

Physics + Labor Protection

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Duration of study: 4 years after secondary education (full-time)

3 years after an average professional (full-time, distance)

2 years after higher education (distance)

Scope and objects of professional activity

Bachelor of Economics and Business with a degree in Logistics can carry out analytical, research, organizational and managerial (administrative) and educational (pedagogical) activities in the following areas: management of logistics processes in procurement and distribution; transportation; logistic risk management; warehousing and cargo handling; Inventory Management; information and computer support for logistics; administration of logistics systems.

The professional activity of a logistician is carried out in the field of material production, commodity circulation, and the service sector and is aimed at ensuring the functioning of enterprises of all legal forms in order to rationally organize logistics activities taking into account the industry, regional and assortment specifics of the enterprise.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

material flows and resources (commodity, financial, personnel);

intangible flows and resources (information, temporary, service);

distribution systems;

production and marketing systems;

information support systems for production, supply, distribution, transport and technological processes.

Types of professional activity

By analogy with the European “Standards of Competencies”, in the framework of the educational program of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a bachelor in the specialty “Logistics” refers to the operational level.

The specialist in the operational stage should know the basics of logistics and supply chain management: transportation, customs formalities, warehousing, information technology, understand the logistics strategies and processes, the relationship between the logistics systems and within them (general knowledge), and also know the general principles of the software for Warehousing and accounting.

 Professional Functions

coordination in the delivery process and selection of the best option;

storage and shipment of goods;

process control;

preparation of primary documentation, its systematization and the formation of registers;

formation and placement of finished orders;

preparation and submission of documents to the licensing authorities;

control and coordination of the warehouse, as well as the transport service;

forecasting optimal purchases;

cargo routing.

Areas of professional activity

organization and design of logistics systems;

planning of the logistics process at enterprises of various sectors of the economy;

optimization of enterprise resources associated with the management of material and associated flows;

management of the logistics process in procurement, production and distribution;

cross-functional and inter-organizational logistics coordination;

management of the main logistic functions: orders, stocks, transportation, warehousing and cargo handling, packaging, service;

information support for the functioning of logistics systems;

administration of logistics systems: controlling and audit;

formation of global logistics systems and international logistics;

design and management of macro-logical systems.

Key competencies

In accordance with the high requirements for the competence of modern specialists, a graduate in the specialty “Logistics” should have the following key competencies:

1) universal (general) competencies:

general scientific;


social and personal;

general cultural;

2) subject-specific (professional) competencies:

general professional;

profile and special.

A feature of this program is the ability to take certified courses in logistics in the Kazakhstan logistics cluster.

Advantages of the educational program “Logistics”:

– the use of interactive teaching methods (interactive lectures, case studies, role and business games, presentations, business projects);

– practice-oriented training (master classes, guest and binary lectures with the invitation of practitioners, field classes in commercial structures);

– the use of computer technology (online testing on the kahoot.it website, conducting online classes based on Adobe connect software, solving applied optimization problems and conducting a business game in the Excel program, computer testing using the econom and U-3 testing programs );

– In-depth study of the English language with the receipt of an appropriate certificate;

– passing industrial and undergraduate practice in leading companies;

– harmonization of the curriculum of the specialty “Logistics” with the educational programs of foreign universities for the implementation of double-degree education programs.

Special or professional disciplines Elective
3.1 Compulsory disciplines Foreign language (basic course) 3.3. General disciplines of choice




Kazakh (Russian) language (basic course) General course of transport
The modern history of Kazakhstan (GE) Business culture
Information and communication technology Document flow and business correspondence

Economic theory

Business introduction
Professionally oriented foreign language
Professional Kazakh (Russian) language Accounting
3.2. Compulsory disciplines in the specialty Business planning
Project management
Higher mathematics 3.4 Disciplines of the specialty of choice
Mathematical modeling in logistics Statistical methods in logistics
Product Logistics Business communications
Transport logistics Logistic Management
Supply Chain Management Geography of transport


Economics of Logistics Firms
Pricing in the logistics market
Marketing logistics
Production logistics
Warehousing Logistics
Foreign trade logistics
Global Logistics Systems
Organization, planning and management of a logistics company
Logistic Cost Management
Terminal and logistics complexes
Terminal and logistics complexes
3.5. Optional module
English language (certified course)
Creative thinking
Office solutions for business

Tazabekov Kuanysh Amerkulovich— candidate of Economics, Professor, Vice President of Turan Educational Corporation, First Vice-Rector of Turan University, President of the Kazakhstan Marketing Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Kazakhstan Information and Encyclopedic Directory (KINES).

Razakova Dina Ibragimovna – PhD, member of the Council for Science under the Foundation of the First President – Elbasy, Director for Strategic Development of the Kazakhstan Marketing Association, member of the REMS in the specialty “Logistics (by industry).”

Mussaliyeva Roza Dzhalilovna – Head department of Marketing and Logistics, Ph.D., Associate professor. Member of the regional tripartite commissions for social partnership and the regulation of social and labor relations. Member of the global community of the Association of logistics and transport professionals, CMILT.

Tleuberdinova Aizhan Tokhtarovna – Doctor of economics, Full Professor at the Department of Marketing and Logistics. The author of more than 200 scientific publications on three languages, including: 8 monographs, 15 textbooks, 6 study guides, 12 electronic textbooks. She was the head of the scientific project “Theoretical and practical foundations of the formation of the brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a factor in the long-term development of the tourism industry”; the executor of international scientific projects GeKaVoc – Transfer of vocational education in the field of logistics, mechatronics and sustainable energy supply of Kazakhstan, Creation of 4 Higher hotel schools (TEMPUS); the executor of the scientific project “Research on the process of commercialization of innovations in the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to identify problems and develop a mechanism for effective management of the innovation process.” Research interests: strategic marketing, logistics, entrepreneurship in tourism.

Kulik Veronika Borisovna – candidate of tech. science  specialty 05.13.10 “Management in social and economic systems”, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. The author of more than 40 scientific publications. She led the international project of localization of 1C software for Kazakhstan. He has a combination of knowledge in the technical and economic fields, many years of practical experience in managing projects for implementing software and databases in enterprises, consulting in economic programs, creating regional training centers, attestation and certification of specialists. Research interests: digital technologies in enterprise management, information technologies in education

Chakeyeva Karlygash Saylaubaevna – candidate of technical sciences specialty “05.13.06 – Automation and control of technological processes and production (by industry)”, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics”, academician of the International Academy of Informatization – MAIN. He is a member of the European Logistics Association. The author of more than 70 scientific publications in three languages.

Over the past 5 years, she took part in scientific projects in the field of logistics, including taking part in the International scientific project: “Communication and Transfer Center Logistics” – for setting and solving strategic problems between training and production (Germany). At present, he is the project manager for Logistics Systems Management Mechanisms,

Research interests: solving strategic problems between training and production in the field of logistics. Automation and control.

Imanbekova Meiramgul Akhmetbekovna – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Department “Marketing and Logistics”.

The author of more than 100 scientific publications. She took part in the research topic “Innovative Technologies and the Method of Marketing and Logistics of Kazakhstan”. She developed and conducted an author’s master class on the topic “Interactive teaching methods. Research interests: logistics. transport logistics, warehousing logistics, general transport rate.

Bekkulieva Bakhyt Moldosalievna – candidate of technical sciences, specialty 05.18.15- Commodity research of food products and technology of food products, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. Author of more than 100 scientific publications in three languages. Research interests: marketing communications, marketing planning, service marketing, consumer behavior, brand management, typology of consumer behavior, marketing management, neuromarketing

Davletova Maira Turysbekovna – candidate of economic sciences, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics” (associate professor of Higher Attestation Commission).

Author of over 100 scientific publications: 10 study books (including those under the heading of REMS), 2 monographs, articles in a journal indexed in the Scopus database, etc.

She led two research topics. She currently leads the third research topic “Innovative Marketing and Logistic Technologies in Kazakhstan.”

He speaks English: has an IELTS certificate.

Research interests: marketing, advertising, innovation, international trade. She is the Chairman of the EMC of the department “Marketing and Logistics”

Krengauz Irina Naumovna – candidate of economic sciences, specialty 08.00.01 Economic theory, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. The author of more than 100 scientific publications, including three monographs, two study guides. As an ANS, she participated in five grant topics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Research interests: globalization of the world economy, international and regional economic integration, innovative cooperation.

Tyshkanbaeva Mansia Bukarina – candidate physical-mat. Sciences, Associate Professor, specialty “Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Management”. Participation in the project “Logistics of the regional cluster of collection of biowaste”, together with the staff of the Kazakh-German University. Participation in the project “Establishment of a Communication and Transfer Center Logistics (LogCentre) to establish a strategic relationship between training and production with financial support from the German Ministry of Education and to internationalize science and research (project terms – 2014-2016). Member of the Kazakhstan Logistic Institution cluster “. Member of the European Logistics Association.

Tarakbaeva Raushan Erbolatovna – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of the department “Marketing and Logistics”.

Key scientific achievements: author of 75 publications, 10 innovative patents and copyright certificates of the Republic of Kazakhstan; holder of the Bolashak scholarship. Areas of research: marketing in non-profit organizations, consumer behavior, the basics of cargo, commodity science and examination of goods, the basics of food quality, quality management.

Dzhumadildaeva Zhaniya Bakitovna – PhD in specialty 6D050600- “Economics”, senior lecturer of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. The author of more than 25 scientific publications in three languages. She led the international student movement ENACTUS at the University of Turan (I have diplomas for achievements). Consultant on marketing strategies of AR-Kuat LLP. Developed and conducted trainings on the topics “Marketing research of business niches of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “Organization and conduct of marketing research”.

Research interests: franchising, franchising relationships, marketing research, marketing, integrated forms of entrepreneurial activity.

Asanova Tumar Amangeldinovna – Master of economics, senior lecturer of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. The author of more than 80 scientific publications.

Research interests: marketing, marketing management, bank marketing, marketing communications, international marketing, brand management, typology of consumer behavior, marketing research, industrial marketing, global logistics systems, quality management.

Mukhiyayeva Dinara Mukhtarzhanovna – PhD with a degree in 6D051700-Innovation Management, associate professor of the Department of Marketing and Logistics. The author of more than 35 scientific publications in three languages. She took part in the preparation of the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation in the field of involving youth in the activities of the communication platform with the Moscow representative office of Bolashak Center for International Programs and the headquarters of the G-global youth movement.

Research interests: national innovation system, management of financing innovative activities of enterprises, investments and innovations.

Kairova Asel Akhatkankyzy – Master of Economic Sciences with a degree in Marketing, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing and Logistics. The author of more than 50 scientific publications. She worked as a marketer and manager in a leading foreign pharmaceutical company and a Kazakhstan consulting company in the field of medicine.

She developed and took part in a research project funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the topic “Formation of the Kazakhstan Country Brand in the Context of the Country’s Innovative Development” She was part of the group for the development of the Russian-English-Kazakh dictionary of the manager. She developed and conducted an author’s master class on the topic “Brand Identity” within the framework of the XII International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists with the organizational support of the Council of Young Scientists of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan-Elbasy.

Research interests: marketing, branding, B2B marketing

Egizbaeva Gulnur Kerimkhanovna – Master of Science, specialty 6M050800 “Accounting and Auditing”, senior lecturer of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. The author of 1 study guide and more than 50 scientific publications in three languages.

Yesbosynova Ainura Kudaibergenkyzy – Master of economics in the specialty “6M050600-Economics”, senior lecturer of the department “Marketing and Logistics”. Author of more than 10 scientific articles.

Research interests: economics, economic sustainable development, marketing approach.

Mukhamedkarimova Anelia Malikovna – Director of Mind Style LLP, Deputy. Director of the Kazakhstan Marketing Association, marketing expert, founder of the Kazakhstan Marketers Club, author of cases on marketing and product promotion, automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. MBA in Marketing University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Certificate holder Higher Education Pedagogy Certificate, HARVARD The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, USA.

Alfonz Anthony – vice President of the European Logistics Association, PhD of the Budapest Metropolitan Institute (Hungary).

Lukinykh Valery Fedorovich – President of the Siberian Logistics Association, Doctor of Economics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Engineering Academy, Head. Department of Logistics, KSAU.

Roland Giese – Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Institute of Applied Sciences Zittau-Gerlitz (Germany).

Eleanor Tankova – PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Varna Free University (Bulgaria)

Traffic logistics group LLP

TLC Global Trade

TLC “Lomer Point Bridge”

Russian University of Economics Plekhanova

International Business Academy ID-GROUP

LBK – Latvian Business College

  1. The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Science (Pennsylvania, USA).
  2. University of Applied Sciences Zittau / Goerlitz (Zittau / Goerlitz, Germany).
  3. Budapest Metropolitan University (Budapest, Hungary).
  4. WSG University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (Bydgoszcz, Poland)
  5. Siauliai University (Šiauliai, Lithuania).
  6. Baltic International Academy (Riga, Latvia).
  7. Varna University of Economics (Varna, Bulgaria).
  8. Moscow Financial and Industrial University “Synergy” (Russia).
  9. Kyrgyz Economic University. M. Ryskulbekova (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic).
  10. Grodno State University. Y. Kupaly, Grodno, Republic of Belarus
  11. Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  12. Lodz University of Technology (Lodz, Poland)
  13. Altai State University (Barnaul)

Scientific student group “Marketer and logistician”.

The publication of students’ articles in the Student Scientific Almanac.

Students’ participation in MNPK “Modern trends in the development of the economy in a crisis”, MNPK “Marketing and logistics: innovative strategies, technologies and solutions”, MNPK for young scientists “Zhas Turan”, MNPK “Logistics of the future in Kazakhstan”.

Participation of students in the training “Effective time management”.

Participation of students in the master class “Modern online advertising in Kazakhstan.”

Development of a student’s business project “Healthy Buffet”.

Participation of students in the competition of business projects “Turan Innovation”.

Participation of students in the competition NIRS “Turanov readings.”

Student participation in the Enaktus-Turan student movement.

Student participation in the Apriori Debate Club.

Participation of students in the competitions “Miss Turan” and “Mr. Turan”.

Students’ participation in the festive event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students participate in the annual charity fair.

Students’ participation in the Day of Languages.

Student participation in the annual “Job Fair”.

Departures for participation in trainings and teambuilding in the Tau-Turan educational complex.

Student participation in the IPA ID-GROUP business marathon.

In logistics, career levels of specialist, leading specialist, manager, department head and logistics director are distinguished. A young logistics specialist can find a job already while studying, having completed practice at the simplest stages, for example, in a warehouse, in the transport departments of companies. Many large companies are happy to accept our students for internships for further development within the company. The crown of a logistics career is the Director of Logistics. He is involved in developing the company’s strategy, is responsible for managing huge flows and resources, and is a member of the Board of Directors.

Graduates with a degree in Logistics can independently engage in business, since the creation of their own logistics company is quite common in this area. Such a company provides services in the field of transportation, warehousing, procurement management, participates in the development of logistics IT solutions for other companies. Of course, this will require additional training, but deep mastery of professional skills and competencies is a key factor in a successful career in this field of activity. The fact that logistics is the connecting link between all levels of the company allows the logistician, as he moves up the career ladder, to interact with most departments, to understand their work and place in the corporate governance system. Such an experience, together with an active lifestyle and the desire to succeed, can become the basis of a good career.

Mussaliyeva Roza Dzhalilovna

Head department of Marketing and Logistics

cand.of tech.sciences, associate professor


+7 701 765 67 35

206-40-26 вн.723

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