Inclusive Education


The conditions that have been created for the students with special educational needs are as follows:

–    upon the student’s application, the learning process has been organized using on-line       training;

–    upon the student’s application, special educational needs are taken into account when       class timetable scheduling (on the ground floor, etc.);

–    access to textbooks for study both in the library and at home is available, and       teaching and learning aids are provided in electronic form;

–    opportunity to develop optimal individual educational paths for the students with special educational needs is provided;

–    individual training schedule is prepared.

–    open access to the Electronic library system IPR BOOKS.


The university has all the devices required for physical access of people with reduced capabilities:

–    internal and external ramp to the stair;

–    tactile tiles;

–    sanitary and amenity facilities;

–    tactile mnemonic circuit;

–    health and wellness center;

–    display board for the hearing-impaired disabled people;

–    specially allocated car parking;

–    elevator adapted for people with reduced disabilities;

–    special headphones for the hearing-impaired disabled people;

–    audio books and dictaphone recorders.

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