Master class from the management of Bosch-Siemens for students of the STEM Business School

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CEO and Sales Director of Bosch-Siemens, Goktash Ufuk and Elena Ten, held a master class in the lessons of “International Business» on 4 March.

3-year student of the Faculty of English-language programs (STEM Business School) Maria Sakhova shared her impressions:

“I want to start by saying that organizing events with business people is always especially interesting, they teach us theories as well as share their experience

Today two wonderful professionals told us the history of the establishment and development of the Bosch-Siemens company.

During the meeting, we got acquainted with:

– the difficulties that arise at the initial stages of the company’s development, and how they can be overcome;

– the pros and cons during the foundation period;

– the mentality differences of employees and what the resulting consequences may arise;

and, of course, the topic that excites everyone – the quarantine introduced a year ago: risks for different levels of business, decisions taken by the company to overcome the consequences, and what preventive measures should be introduced at the moment.

We, as future graduates, were also interested in the opinion of professionals about what an employee of the 21st century, a century of high technologies,  should be like, when it becomes so difficult to compete …

The first thing that the experts noted were 2 important qualities of a demanded employee: “flexibility” & “adaptability”. Today, all large companies strive to use the Agile system, it is teamwork that comes to the fore, and the pyramid structure we are used to is replaced by a circle structure where everyone is closely related to each other and teamwork skills become key ones. These are some of the most important strategies for a successful business, which the speakers shared with us with great inspiration.

We are very grateful to the top managers for such experience, it was interesting to listen to and get useful information and knowledge from them.”

Well, let’s move forward, friends! We will have much more interesting things!

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