The Faculty of English Programs – STEM Business School

Today, education in a foreign language is gaining more and more value and relevance.

The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists not only with a strong theoretical base, but also with deep practical knowledge and excellent skills.

A great advantage of our faculty is the involvement in the educational process of existing business practitioners and top managers of international companies, such as Deloitte, KPMG, Schneider Electric, Freedom Finance, Bosch-Siemens, Almaty International Airport, CAREC, Rahat Palace, Araltuz JSC, Kazteleradio JSC, SBERBANK, etc. In addition to knowledge and skills, attracting leading practitioners also provides our students and graduates with excellent opportunities for further employment in the named large companies.

STEM Business School enrolls students for the following educational programs:

– Logistics

– Marketing

– International law

– International relations

– Management

– World economy

– Restaurant and hotel business

– Accounting and Audit

– Finance

– Economics


Academic Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Form of education: Full-time

Training period:

4 years after secondary education

3 years after vocational education

Akhadkhon Najmitdinov
Dean of STEM Business School (academic programs with instruction in English)
tel.: 260-40-13 ext.713

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