Turan University was established and registered in 1992 in Almaty and it is the core of the educational corporation. Turan University provides training in 31 undergraduate majors, 19 master specialties, 6 specialties of PhD on the most popular destinations in three departments: economic, humanitarian, legal and Academy of Cinema and Television faculty.

Turan University Fasad1

Education in Turan University

Learn everything about how to enroll to Turan university including every detail. On whatever step of your education you are we want to help you advance further!



Foundation is a preparatory faculty oriented on undergraduates, who want to graduate from school confidently and enroll to university


Bachelor Degree

Higher education is an important part of modern professional. Learn everything about what is required to enroll with our university


Post-Graduate Programs

Post-graduate education can interest those who want to expand their knowledge in their study area and gain additional degree

Live in Students’ home #1

Enrollment rules in Students’ home #1

Apply for government scholarships

Applications for government scholarships and rules and procedures for vacant scholarships distribution

It is responsibility of every citizen to oppose corruption

N.A. Nazarbayev

“Turan” university was awarded with a diploma of the Department of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption in Almaty city for contribution to instilling anti-corruption culture in youth.

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