Today, the profession of psychologist is in demand in education, at work, in services, in the system of social assistance, in business and in personal effectiveness. Psychologists conduct psychodiagnostic and correctional work, psychological education, psychological counseling and psychotherapy. The training programme for specialists in psychology complies with the State educational standard and includes disciplines in the humanitarian, socio-economic, general professional and specialization cycles. Our students take part in educational and research work, attend scientific circles on psychology, take part in scientific conferences and Olympiads.

Dates of training: 4, 3, 2 years of study

Languages of instruction: Kazakh, Russian

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Following the results of training, an academic degree is awarded to the Bachelor of Social Sciences in the educational program “Psychology” / “Business Psychology” / “Child and adolescent psychology” / “Psychological counseling”.

  1. Psychology

The educational program “Psychology” is aimed at training specialists in the field of practical and social psychology with the skills of psychological diagnosis and consultation. A specialist in the field of practical psychology works in psychological centers, private companies, public and non-profit organizations, conducts personal practical activities, etc.

  1. Business Psychology

The educational program “Business Psychology” is aimed at formation of scientific, economic, managerial thinking, at ability to work for the organization strategy, to understand features of modern business, its versatility, complexity and inconsistency, at formation of ability to define a role of the human factor in company activity, ability to direct activity of heads and the personnel on overcoming of barriers, increase of competitiveness, stress resistance in the conditions of a high competition and organization development. Following the requirements and demands of the labor market, the business psychologist needs fundamentally new competences, in comparison with classical programs.

Business psychologist is a specialist in the field of scientific and practical psychology, organizational psychology, training and coaching technologies, who operates in educational institutions, psychological centers, development centers, centers for professional training, manufacturing enterprises and business organizations, consulting and recruitment agencies.

  1. Child and adolescent psychology

The educational program “Child and adolescent psychology” offers unique and modern courses which allow to get acquainted with world theories and actual directions in the field of psychological consulting and psychotherapy that will allow students to master the chosen profession in the offered direction most fully and deeply.

EP “Child and adolescent psychology” provides for the formation of knowledge and skills in the field of child and adolescent psychology, patterns of development and formation of children and adolescents, diagnosis and therapy of deviant behavior of adolescents, the basics of neuropsychology of childhood, the main directions in the psychotherapy of children, the peculiarities of behavior of adolescents in the norm and pathology, cultural anthropology of childhood, the peculiarities of psychological work in preschool and school institutions, in inclusive education, psychology of child trauma, psychology of children.

Education under this programme is the basis for further professional development in the various areas of activity of the children’s counselor, ranging from the work of a psychologist in various structural units of educational and public institutions to the conduct of private practice in the area of counselling and psychotherapy.


– Knowledge of psychological peculiarities of different age groups;

– knowledge of the basics of individual and group psychological consulting;

– knowledge of theoretical foundations of various directions of work of a practical psychologist;

– knowledge of psychodiagnostic tools;

– obtaining practical skills of conducting an experiment in psychology.


Business Psychology:

The peculiarity of the educational program is a practice-oriented approach in the learning process. To implement the practical orientation of the program, psychologists-practitioners from different fields are involved in the training process: HR-management, Coaching, Neuroligistic programming, Personnel Assessment and Selection, Personnel Training and Development, Teambuilding. Teaching of separate disciplines by practicing psychologists allows to receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also to form practical skills in the process of training, which is a solid basis for preparation for professional activity and passing of industrial practices


Child and adolescent psychology:

– Knowledge of psychodiagnostic tools for diagnostics of children and child-parent relations;

– knowledge of psychological features and development of children of different age groups;

– Knowledge of diagnostics and basics of correctional work with children with special needs;

– knowledge of neuropsychological diagnostics;

– knowledge of the theoretical foundations of the practical psychologist’s work with children and families;

– obtaining practical skills in conducting experiments in psychology.

The peculiarity of the educational programme is its practice-oriented approach in the educational process. In order to implement the practical orientation of the program, psychologists from different fields are involved in the learning process: Transact Analysis, Existential Analysis, Jungian Analysis, Neuroligistic Programming, Erikson Hypnosis, Systemic Family Psychotherapy, Neuropsychology, Inclusive Education, Diagnostics and Correction of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


– Psychology of personality development and formation

– Psychology of decision making

– Risk psychology

– Psychology of emotional burnout and stress resistance

– Psycho-technologies for the development of stress tolerance and productivity

– Cross cultural psychology

– Psychology of personal success and development

– Psychophysiology and psychogenetics

– Group and individual psychotherapy

– Psychology of family and marriage

– Emotional and social intelligence


Business Psychology:

– Communication psycho-technologies

– Basic coaching technologies

– Business training technologies

– Psychology of training work

– Organizational psychology

– Staff evaluation and recruitment

– Advertising psychology

– Negotiation psychology and conflict studies

– Personal effectiveness of the entrepreneur

– Leadership and teambuilding

– Psychology of emotional burnout and stress resistance

– Psychology of self-regulation

– Basics of basic training development

– Human resource management psychology


Child and adolescent psychology:

– Diagnostics and therapy of deviant behaviour among adolescents

– Neuropsychological diagnostics

– Diagnostics and correction of autism spectrum breakups

– Major trends in psychotherapy for children

– Child Clinical Psychology

– Peculiarities of the behavior of adolescents in the norm and pathology

– Cultural anthropology of childhood

– Psychology of Children’s Creativity

– Psychology of childhood trauma

Kassymzhanova Anar, PhD, Head of Psychology Department

Spheres of interest: NLP, Ericson Hypnosis, Family Therapy, Psychotherapy

Islamgulova Svetlana, PhD in Pedagogics, Vice-Dean of Science and Innovations

Spheres of interest: Pedagogy and Psychology

Khairullin Grif, PhD in Pedagogy.

Spheres of interest: Pedagogy and Psychology

Tikhomirova Svetlana, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Business-Trainings, Couching

Khananyan Anait, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Existential Psychology, Psychology of Trauma, Family Therapy

Khon Natalya, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Human Resources Management, Leadership

Sammers Danna, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Human Resources Management, Human Rights, Juvenal Justice

V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia);

Institute of applied psychology (Germany, Leipzig);

Baltic international academy (Latvia, Riga);

Karlov University (Czech Republic, Prague);

Volgogdrad State Social-Pedagogical University (Russia, Volgograd);

G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Russia, Yaroslavl).


– a psychologist in high school;

– A psychologist in vocational guidance and training centres and in urban and national employment centres;

– Psychologist in the centres for the study of public opinion and political technology;

– Psychologist at production enterprises (HR manager);

– Psychologist in sports organizations;

– Psychologist in medical organizations and treatment and prevention establishments;

– Psychologists in law enforcement organizations and penitentiary institutions and rehabilitation and social adaptation centres;

– Researcher in research organizations.


Business Psychology:

A business psychologist may perform professional activities in the following positions:

– Practical psychologist at enterprises and in banking structures;

– Psychologist in general educational structures (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums and colleges);

– teaching psychology as a general educational discipline in secondary educational institutions;

– organisational and management activities in organisations (as employees of HR departments, recruitment agencies, consulting agencies specialising in human resources);

– Psychological consultant or psychologist-trainer in psychological and educational centres.


Child and adolescent psychology:

A child and adolescent psychologist may perform professional activities in the following positions:

– Psychologist in educational establishments: preschools (kindergartens, early childhood development centres), schools, gymnasiums and lycées, and secondary educational establishments (colleges);

– Psychologist in career guidance and vocational training centres, urban and national employment centres;

– Psychologist in centres for the study of public opinion and political technology;

– Psychologist in sports organizations;

– Psychologist in medical organizations and treatment and preventive care institutions;

– Psychologists in law enforcement agencies and penitentiary institutions, rehabilitation and social adaptation centres, etc.

Kassymzhanova Anar

Turan University, Almaty, Satpayev st. 16-18-18a

Phone: +7(727) 260-40-28 (ext 728), office 517

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