Specialist of public relations – professional, who works in the sphere of trade and commerce, builds and develops brand of the company, responsible for information support of the business activities and communicates with media.

Education is based on theoretical basis and practical component.

Educational program is structured in accordance with state educational standard and includes disciplines of humanitarian and social-economic specializations.

Educational methods include trainings, business games, discussions, master-classes.

Academic degree: Bachelor

Subject on UNT:

Art examination + Art examination

UNT disciplines (for applicants in a related specialty):

Basics of economic theory + Art examination

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Length of education: 4 years after school (full-time)

3 years after college (full-time, part-time)

2 years after university (part-time, distance learning)

PR in business в бизнесе

  • Specialists in public relations work in the spheres of business, in creative and marketing agencies, promote products and services, involved in brand development.

Political PR

  • Specialists in the sphere of political PR work in governmental structures and agencies, can serve as press-secretary and heads of press centers.

Core subjects:

  • Country branding and international PR
  • PR and media
  • PR technologies
  • Theory and practice of public relations
  • Advertisement
  • Image building
  • Technologies of public relations


  1. PR in business
  • Public speaking
  • Organization of PR-projects
  • Organization of PR-events
  • Ethics of PR
  • Marketing research in PR
  • Internet-marketing
  • Consulting in PR
  • Anticrisis management
  • Psychometrics
  • Corporate PR
  1. Political PR
  • Basics of neuromarketing
  • Conflictology
  • Anticrisis management
  • PR-publications
  • Language and style of mass communications
  • Political system of Kazakhstan
  • Political management
  • Psychology of negotiations
  • Election campaign

Kassymzhanova Anar, PhD, Head of Psychology Department

Spheres of interest: NLP, Ericson Hypnosis, Family Therapy, Psychotherapy

Tikhomirova Svetlana, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Business-Trainings, Couching

Khon Natalya, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Human Resources Management, Leadership

Sammers Danna, PhD in Psychology,

Spheres of interest: Human Resources Management, Human Rights, Juvenal Justice

V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia);

Institute of applied psychology (Germany, Leipzig);

Baltic international academy (Latvia, Riga);

Karlov University (Czech Republic, Prague);

Volgogdrad State Social-Pedagogical University (Russia, Volgograd);

G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University (Russia, Yaroslavl).

  • Key account manager/supervisor
  • Copywriter
  • Art manager/art director
  • Communication specialist
  • Press secretary
  • PR Manager

Kassymzhanova Anar

Turan University, Almaty, Satpayev st. 16-18-18a

Phone: +7(727) 260-40-28 (ext 728), office 517

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