6В11101  – TOURISM

Tourism is distinguished by UNESCO as one of the most important spheres of the professional education. Therefore, the speciality “Tourism” is very popular among students all over the world nowadays.

Tourism is a sphere of activity that includes in itself the entire range of services of recreation organization: starting from the accommodation services to the formation of a unique excursion programmes, compiling a tourist route, satisfying the consumer’s demand of citizens of Kazakhstan and foreign guests for tourist and spa services. This is a good scope of work for applying a wide variety of skills and abilities, where you can fully discover your creative potential.

Academic degree: bachelor in the field of services

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Course duration:

4 years after secondary education (full-time)

3 years after the vocational secondary education (full time – traditional, distance learning technologies)

2 years after the higher education (distance learning technologies)

• Economy of tourism (prove yourself in the sphere of excursion management, hotel business)
• Ecological and sports tourism (become a professional – guide, a tourist instructor, a highly qualified specialist in sports and eco-tourism)

  • Innovative method of training
  • Practice-oriented courses
  • Trilingualism throughout the training
  • Advanced English, Turkish, Chinese, Italian
  • Certified courses of booking and reservation in the service sector
  • Participation in the research institute of tourism as a part of scientific projects

• Opportunity to undertake international internship (Turkey, Italy, Russia), in the «Tau-Turan» CJSC, in restaurants, in hotel facilities

  • Activity of the «Turan Nomads», «Global Tourism Service» business incubator, «Tourist» the tourist club

– basis of tourismology

– tourism guide

– geography of the international tourism

– tourism management

– basics of entrepreneurship in tourism

– cross-cultural communication in service

– legal regulation of business activities

– personal efficiency of an entrepreneur

– technics of sale of services of the tourist industry

– electronic system of booking and reservation in tourism and services

– recreation and balneology

-introduction to the enterprise

– ecological tourism

– local lore studies and museology

Master classes, trainings, seminars are conducted by experienced teachers, well-known specialists, business trainers in the sphere of tourism and service:

Kalenova Saulesh Abdrazahovna – professor, holder of the title «The Best University Teacher of 2015»

Korablev Valeriy Anatolyevich – professor, holder of titles «Honored Tourism Instructor of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «Honorary Worker of Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan», «Honored Traveler of Russia», licentiate of «Best coverage in tourist media of 2015»

Vukolov Vladimir Nikolaevich – Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Tourism, holder of the title «Best University Teacher of 2006, 2014»

Khokhlenko Evgenia Anatolyevna – General Director of «Premium Travel Company» LLP

Zimin Maksim Andreevich – General Director of «Master Park» LLP, President of the Rafting Federation of Kazakhstan

Mitin Anton Aleksandrovich – Director of «Almaty / Astana City Tour» LLP

Khokhlenko Viktor – Supervisor of cruise sales of marketing department of «Premium Travel Company» LLP

The educational programme includes a compulsory on-the-job training. During studying activity you have an opportunity to try the hand in the leading tour operators’ companies (inbound tourism, outbound tourism, internal tourism), in hotel and restaurant business sphere, in children’s and youth tourism, in the sphere of business administration and in travel management.

Bases for practice:

  • Department of Tourism and External Relations of Almaty city
  • Federation of sporting tourism and all-round tourism of Almaty
    • «Kazakhstan Tourist Association»
  • The Association for the Conservation of the Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK)
    • Association of Tourist Agencies of Kazakhstan (ATAK)
    • «Premium Company Travel» LLP
    • «Sаnita Tours International» LLP
  • «Touroperator Kompas» LLP
    • «Almaty / Astana City Tour» LLP
  • «Global Tourism Service»
  • «Almaty Regional Centre of Children’s and Youth Tourism and Excursions»

Within the framework of international cooperation and programs on academic mobility, students have the opportunity to study and undertake an internship and practice in the partner universities offered at their choice:

Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul, Turkey;

Kastamonu University, Kastamonu, Turkey;

Berjaya University College of Hospitality, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;

University of Agribusiness and Regional Development, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;

Economic University of Varna, Varna, Bulgaria;

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia;

St. Petersburg State University of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia

International Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Antalya, Turkey.

The University of Economy in Bydgoszczа, г.Быдгощ, Poland

Student’s life is bright impressions, unforgettable moments, funny meetings of friends, sporting competitions. Students have the opportunity to participate in annual city, regional and republican Olympiads, competitions, exhibitions, to conduct thematic tours, city breaks.

Students participate in various competitions, competitions, olympiads.

Also, there are courses on the preparation of guides and interpreters-guides, which are held together with the large tour operator company Almaty / Astana City Tour LLP:  http://www.city-tour.kz/index.php/component/k2/item/137-courses

The training program was developed in cooperation with the Excurs Union of Tourists, a member of the International Federation of Tourist Guides WFTG: www.wftga.org, which successfully uses this program for 10 years in neighboring countries.

Students participate in the annual Kazakhstan olympiad “The best specialists of the tourist industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which is carried out by the Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA): http://www.kaztour-association.com/news/news_122016/news_28122016olymp.htm

Students participate in various TV programs and programs on tourism

You can familiarize yourself with the video by following the link:


http://bmtv.kz/en/teleproekty/nauka-i-obrazovanie/zolotaya-seredina/item/ 11587-zolotaya-seredina-12-06-15



Have a nice watching!

Graduates can apply professional knowledge in various spheres of tourism and service:

Department of Tourism and External Relations of Almaty city

  • akimats and state enterprises
  • Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA)
  • Association of Tourist Agencies of Kazakhstan (ATAK)
  • hotel and restaurant business
  • hospitality training centers
  • organizations that book tickets
  • rehabilitation centers for people with disabilities, which provide services for organization of tourist trips for the disabled
  • agencies and leisure activities organizations
  • resort business
  • sports and health services
  • business administration
  • advertising services
  • the sphere of education

Prospects of career growth of managers on tourism are connected with improvement of professional skill (in system of continuous vocational training for achievement of higher qualification).

Professional growth of the manager in the tourist sphere is connected with the management career, when you, gradually improving yourself, can become the head of the tourist company.

Maxim Zimin is a graduate of the speciality «Tourism», President of the Rafting Federation of Kazakhstan, General Director of LLP  «Master Park»

The study at the Turan University was remembered, on the one hand, by the attitude of teachers towards students – benevolence, openness to any dialogue, on the other hand – the atmosphere of friendship and mutual assistance that reigned in our group. Until now, we meet with fellow students, call back, help each other…

I would advise people to go to university, who seriously think about their future: graduates have good prospects and many of them find decent work.

Our student life was filled with various events. It was very interesting to study. I think that my current worldview, my attitude towards the profession was largely formed during my student years. The education I received helped to organize and develop my own business. Of course, I want to thank all the teaching staff, wish them health and further success. Good luck!!!

Mitrakova (Bekenova) Madina Sabyrzhanovna is a graduate of the speciality “Tourism”, general director of the tourist company, project coordinator “EMBASSY ALLIANCE” (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

For all the years of study at the Turan University, I have never regretted my choice. During the entire period of study, it was very interesting at the university. For me, it was the third course that became a turning point, when I finally realized that the choice was right. I cannot help saying that I was not less impressed with the practice. We visited a huge number of historical, archaeological sites, as well as natural monuments, national parks. This practice allows you to acquire knowledge, skills, experience and broaden your professional horizons.

I wish successes, prosperity, excellent creative students to the favorite department of “Tourism and Service” and Turan University!

Khokhlenko Victor – a graduate of “Tourism” specialty, supervisor of cruise sales of the marketing department of “Premium Travel Company” LLP – the tour operator company
At the end of the school, I already knew which university I would choose. My choice was the Turan University. Why Turan? Everything is simple! By “sarafan radio” there were cool reviews about the best education, but about choosing a speciality I would say: travel is the only thing, buying which we become richer!!! I can say without exaggeration that these were the best years of study and rest. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the teachers of Turan University. Thank you for making us people, professionals.

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