If you are independent, responsible and able to defend your point of view, want to be always with work and money, then for this there is one of the most interesting and demanded professions – accounting and audit.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Economics and Business

Items of choice at the UNT:

Mathematics + Geography

Disciplines of the UNT (for those applying for a related specialty):

Finance and credit + Economy of organization

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Duration of training: 4 years after secondary education (full-time)

3 years of post-secondary vocational education (full-time)

After 2 years of higher education (remotely)

The department provides training in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

The purpose of the educational program is the preparation of highly educated competitive, competent professional personnel in the field of accounting and auditing, able to become leaders in the chosen field of professional activity and be in demand on the labor market

Specializations of the educational program:







7 reasons to study the specialty “Accounting and Audit” at the University “Turan:

  1. highly qualified teaching staff, certifiedaccountants and auditors in Kazakhstan, with practical work experience;
  2. opportunity during training to obtain a certificate of professional accountant in Kazakhstan;
  3. the use of international research Bloombergplatform  the terminal for financial and economic analysis and forecasting;
  4. the extensive practice basefor the specialty throughout the study period;
  5. the opportunity to create their own businessin the business incubator University;
  6. An interesting student life;
  7. Two-degree programs by specialties

Educational program are provided relevant and exclusive courses in entrepreneurship, language modules throughout the training period

Innovation and entrepreneurship modules


  • Introduction to Business and Innovation
  • Business Ethics

Economic and managerial

  • Management
  • Marketing

Economic and legal

  • Business law
  • Business letter (in the state. I’m up language)
  • Enterprise economy

Organizational and managerial

  • Project management
  • Organizational behavior

Socially-cognitive competence allows to develop disciplines:

Socio-cognitive module

  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Management of public processes
  • Academic writing

Become a sought-after specialist will help you practice-oriented specialized modules and courses in the specialty:

Certified specialized modules

  1. Financial accounting 1
  2. Management accounting 1

Modules of specialization

Financial and Analytical Module

  • Economic analysis
  • The financial analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Working capital analysis


  • Taxes and taxation
  • Tax reporting

Automation and regulation of accounting

  • Regulatory and legal regulation of accounting in Kazakhstan
  • Computerization in accounting

International Accounting Standards

  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Standards on Auditing
  • Financial accounting II

Industry accounting

  • Accounting in a bank
  • Accounting in construction
  • Accounting in tourism and RDiGB
  • Currency operations

Management accounting and control

  • Managerial Accounting II
  • Audit

Bikteubayeva Aliya Sarmanovna, Нead of the Department «Accounting and audit», candidate of economic Sciences, Аssociate Professor, Сertified Accounting Practitioner





Erzhanov Mukhtar Sultanovich, doctor of Economics, Professor, certified           auditor, member of the Chamber of auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, author of a number of publications on audit, including publications with impact factor






Aryshev Vasily Andreevich, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor, Leading Teacher and Business Coach for Managerial Accounting and Valuation of the Company







Ivanyuk Tatyana Nikolaevna, candidate of economic sciences, professor, author of a number of textbooks on economic and financial analysis





Onaltayev Darkhan, candidate of economic sciences, professor, author of a number of textbooks on Islamic finance. Honored Worker of Science and Education of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences






Dossayeva Alia Zhurkabaikyzy , candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, a practicing accountant, author of several publications on financial accounting and auditing, including in journals with impact factor





Barysheva Salima Kozhakhmetovna, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, specialist in financial and management accounting






Bekova Raushan Zhenisovna, PhD, associate professor, author of a number of publications on statistics and enterprise economics, including publications with impact factor






Faizullina Svetlana Aigalievna, Candidate of Science (Economics), associate professor, practicing accountant, author of several publications on financial accounting, including publications with impact factor







Erzhanova Alma Mukhtarovna, candidate of economic Sciences, PhD, author of a number of publications on tax accounting, including publications with impact factor






Bozgulova Nazym Amirbekovna, Master, specialist in financial and industrial accounting







Jeksembina Aliya Erlikovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, specialist in the field of industrial accounting. Has experience of practical work as the main specialist in financial organizations.







Orazalinova Maira Sagidoldaevna, PhD, an expert in financial accounting and business analysis, the author of publications on management accounting, including publications with impact factor





Those studying for the specialty “Accounting and Audit” meet at master classes with famous people in the sphere of accounting and finance, among them:

Eroshkina Valeria Konstantinovna, Head of the Association of Accountants and Auditors, Certified International Accountant of the CAP, Certified Professional Accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan





Alimbetov Nurlan Orynbasarovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, graduate of the University “Turan”


Kamalov Alexander Ilyasovich, Chairman of the Board AO Sberbank





Shmidt Olga Iosifovna, professional accountant, member of the Council of Professional Auditing Organization “Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, Chairman of the Qualification Commission of PJSC “Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan” for attesting candidates for auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Kim Tatiana Feliksovna, professional auditor, general director of the international auditing company “Rödl & Partner”, graduate of the magistracy of the University “Turan”




Satpayev Marat Temirkhanovich, Head of the MARSAT Audit Company, Tax Consultant

The Department of Accounting and Audit is a partner of the Chamber of Professional Accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Eurasian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Kazakhstan, numerous organizations of the real and financial sectors of the economy, assisting in professional certification of trainees.

Our main partners:



Within the framework of two-diploma programs and programs on academic mobility, students have the opportunity to study in the partner universities offered at their choice:


  1. University of Applied Sciences(Germany)
  2. Moscow State University.University (Russia,  Moscow)
  3. SolBridgeInternational School of Business (South Korea)
  4. Economic University (Bulgaria, Varna).
  5. ŠiauliaiUniversity (Lithuania)
  6. Graduate School of Management in Barcelona(Spain,  Barcelona)
  7. University of Kuala Lumpur(Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur)
  8. University of CentralBohemia (the Czech Republic,  Prague)
  9. Petersburg State Economic University (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  10. The InstituteOf the economy and Anti-crisis management (Russia,  Moscow)
  11. IstanbulArel University (Turkey,  Istanbul)
  12. University ofP é cs (Hungary,  Budapest)

Leading technoparks and companies

  1. Skolkovo (Moscow, Russia)
  2. Almaty Tech Garden (PIT “Alatau”)
  3. International Business Academy ID-Group
  • Student life is the most wonderful time. It is the student years that are the most interesting and unforgettable. This time is filled with romance, carefree.Student life brings a lot of joy. At first, a person rejoices when he learns that he has become a student, then he makes new friends and acquaintances. From session to session, students live fun. And how much is still worth surviving.

A professional in accounting and auditing has the ability to:

  • To build a successful career as an accountant in organizations of various fields and activities
  • Make a career in audit
  • Work in the tax authorities, insurance organizations, other financial institutions
  • Engaged in financial and economic analysis and planning
  • Provide consulting services in accounting and taxation
  • Help in completing tax returns
  • Work remotely using specialized accounting software and the Internet
  • Increase your revenue by serving several small business organizations at the same time

I graduated from the bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Audit at Turan University. When the time came for production and undergraduate practice, the university offered me several companies to choose from. I chose the production company Becker & K LLP, well-known in our country. After completing practice and defending my diploma with excellent marks, I was invited to work in this company. And so, from 2014 to the present I work in Becker & K LLP as an accountant. During the work I met interns from our university in the company of interns. At work, I was able to demonstrate the knowledge that our teachers gave, and also gain experience and learn something new. Thanks to Turan University, which gives students the opportunity and chance to get an interesting, and later beloved, job!

I wish Turan University to become a leader among international universities, and applicants to have “self-confidence and desire for success”!

Sincerely, Ksenia Bordyugova

I already had practical experience when I continued my master’s degree and even a few professional certificates.  However, training in the master’s program allows you to get deep system knowledge in the field of accounting and audit, develop them and successfully defend your thesis.

I believe that my choice of University was the right one. With great pleasure I remember the amazing lectures of the professors of the Department, we were not bored in the classroom. Now I am the head of the audit company “Rödl & Partner” and attract the most talented students of the University “Turan”, because I am confident in the quality of training in the specialty “Accounting and audit” in the walls of this University.

I would like to Express my gratitude to the teaching staff of the University “Turan”, because they help to become successful and give the necessary and popular profession.

Sincerely, Kim Tatiana

I had no doubt in choosing my profession and university. Accounting is an exciting profession that requires knowledge of information technology and legislation. It is for purposeful and talented, allows you to earn good money and be a sought-after specialist, since an accountant is needed in any, even very small organization.

The student years at Turan University were the brightest in my life: interesting classes, talented smart teachers, going to the mountains to the Tau-Turan health complex, various conferences, round tables, competitions … everything is difficult to list, but everything was at the highest level level.

Studying in the specialty was interesting, we studied all the intricacies of accounting in accordance with the latest international standards, therefore, when applying for a job, I had no problems during the interview and professional testing. After graduation, I immediately got a job as an accountant in the Carlsberg company and now I plan to continue my master’s studies without a doubt at Turan University.

I am very grateful to the teachers of the department “Accounting and Audit” of the University of Turan, I wish further prosperity and development.

Sincerely, Baukeeva Moldir

Bikteubayeva Aliya Sarmanovna, head. Department ” Accounting and audit»

Office phone: +7 (727) 260-40-27 (EXT.726)

E-mail: a.bikteubayeva@turan-edu.kz

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