The present century of developed information technologies presents new requirements in the labor market, and today IT specialists, graduates of the specialty “Information Systems”, have become one of the leaders in demand. Our main goal is to prepare IT specialists who are competitive in the modern market and to give students the best, new and high-quality knowledge.

Academic degree: Bachelor, Master

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Duration of study: 4 years after secondary education (full-time)

3 years after secondary professional (full-time,)

2 years after higher education (remotely)

информационные системы

“Development of software and information systems”

Feature – systematic preparation of bachelors for professional activities, providing:

  • Industrial production of software for computer network in various fields
  • Professional knowledge in IT and systems
  • Robotics, hardware programming
  • Internet of Things
  • Block chain technology

“1C in business” + 1C certified courses

Feature – systematic preparation of bachelors for professional activities, providing:

  • Business application development
  • Configuration of information systems
  • Setting up distributed databases
  • Automation of enterprises of all forms of ownership
  • Database integration with web resources (optional)
  • Mobile application development (optional)

Information Security + Cisco Certified Courses

Feature – systematic preparation of bachelors for professional activities, providing:

  • knowledge of IT threats, cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities
  • knowledge of how to defend against attacks.
  • familiarization with the latest trends in the labor market with the cyber security segment
  • A unique combination of knowledge in the field of computer technology, programming, operating systems, multimedia technologies, supplemented by economic knowledge in the field of management and marketing, allows graduates to become popular specialists in the labor market not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad.
  • During the training, students learn programming languages; learn to develop application software and databases for various industries; make instructions on the use of information systems; calculate the costs necessary to create a new product, determine its value; debug software before putting it into operation.


  • Oracle Database 11g
  • Certified disciplines from 1C
  • Reengineering business processes based on modern IT
  • Parallel Programming – MPI, CUDA, Intel
  • Information Security and Information Protection
  • IP Reliability
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of things
  • Development of corporate and global networks
  • Software Design
  • Development of networks of small and medium enterprises


Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work


Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs

Breastplate “For Merits in the Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (09.10.2012), Breastplate “Y. Altynsarin” (09.10.2007), Best Teacher of the University”2008


Candidate of technical sciences

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Office solutions for business; Automation of business processes; Technology Master’s research; intelligent analysis and data visualization;


Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the University of Turan

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Mathematics for economists, mathematical analysis, higher mathematics, additional chapters of mathematics, algebra and geometry


Master of Mathematics

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Financial Statistics, Higher Mathematics (Russian, English), Econometrics


PhD, Associate Professor


Doctor of Technical Sciences

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Information and communication technology; Object oriented programming; Algorithms, data structures and programming;


Candidate of technical sciences

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Mathematics in economics, mathematics 2, mathematical analysis, project management, mathematical modeling in logistics, statistical analysis systems, systems theory and system analysis


Candidate of technical sciences

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Mobile application development, Programming technologies, Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming; Python Programming C ++ programming;


Candidate of technical sciences

Teaching disciplines, practical courses:

Operating systems, Computer networks,  ICT,  Computer systems architecture

The Department of Information Technology conducts extensive activities related to the conduct of educational activities, educational projects, subject Olympiads, major PR projects and various educational events. As a result of this activity, the Department of Information Technologies enters into various partnerships with relevant companies in Kazakhstan, carries out joint work on projects with various enterprises, and also receives comprehensive support from these companies. Currently, students of the specialty Information Systems receive support from such companies:

  • Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • “Technopark Alatau” LLP
  • Entertainment Center “NEXT”
  • “KazRENA” Association
  • Company “”
  • Individual enterprise “INNOVATION SYSTEMS”
  • JSC “Center for ensuring the activities of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • “Asia Soft” LLP
  • JSC “Kazakhtelecom”
  • “CompNet Technology” LLP

Students of the specialty “Information Systems” are offered ample opportunities for studying under the programs of academic mobility and double-degree education in foreign universities:

  • Georgia Southern University (USA)
  • Varna Free University (Bulgaria)
  • Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (Malaysia)
  • University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Gerlitz, Germany
  • Istanbul Arel University (Turkey)
  • Kastamonu University (Turkey)
  • Baltic International Academy (Latvia)
  • Petersburg State University of Railway Transport of Emperor Alexander I (Russia)
  • Institute of Radio Electronics, Service and Diagnostics (Russia)
  • Petersburg University of Telecommunications (Russia)
  • Penza State Technological University (Russia)

Students of the specialty “Information Systems” live an interesting, vibrant and eventful student life, which gives all the opportunities for professional growth, self-realization in social activities, creativity and sports, and increasing the level of personal competencies! At the university you can not only participate in events at the university level, but also become the organizer of a large number of events of national and international scale!

Each person who was a student can recall many interesting stories from his student life, because this is the most interesting time.

The Department of Information Technology of the University of Turan prepares highly qualified specialists in the field of information systems. Graduates of our specialty demonstrate their knowledge in a potentially very wide range of professions. Since the field of information technology is very wide, the total number of posts is an incredibly long list. Here are just the most popular examples of the profession of a graduate of Information Systems:

  • Systems Analyst
  • Programmer and mobile app developer
  • System Administrator
  • Specialist in the field of information security and information protection
  • Administrator of Internet platforms (sites, e-commerce and smart business)
  • Developer of software and gadgets for the cyber industry
  • Website Developer and Web Designer
  • IT specialist in business and financial institutions
  • Hardware and software developer
  • 1C Software Specialist

Alisher Meyrman

“Bank RBK” JSC

Customer Support Specialist

I’m, Meyrman Alisher, graduated school  in 2015 and decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in furtherance of my education. After considering many university, I stopped my choice on Turan University, majoring in Information Systems. Graduates of the University are in demand in the labor market and are leading specialists in various companies. I am grateful to the teachers who have been teaching and teaching the basics of information technology for 4 years. Thanks to my education at the university, I had an internship at a good enterprise and got a job there.



Yessembekova Akerke Baglankyzy

Association of Users of Scientific and Educational Computer Networks of Kazakhstan «KazRENA», IT manager

I, Yesembekova Akerke, graduate of Turan University majoring in Information Systems. I have no doubt that at the time of admission and study the university will provide the necessary education and opportunities. I would like to thank the teachers for their good education and friendly atmosphere within the university.





Sartay Adilet

“Nurly” IE, System Administrator

I studied at the University Turan in the specialty “Information systems” in 2015-2019. Having entered Turan University, I made the right choice. Because I have only positive memories of studying at the university. First of all, I would like to emphasize the qualified staff of the university. University teachers deserve great respect. The teachers are very knowledgeable and open-minded, open to discussion. They were always ready to help and answer questions we asked, both during and after the lecture. Special thanks to my beloved teachers, Moldakalykova Bayan, and Bektemesov Amanzhol. I would like to wish all the faculty of the “Turan” University all the students who are striving for professional success and new ideas, the creative approach to the future profession. I wish the students the best education, good memories in student life and good luck in the exams.

The University provides the foundation for professional education for future career and life, and helps you find many new friends.


Vlasyuk Vladimir Evgenievich

“Fishka Almaty” LLC System Administrator

Over the years of studying at the university, I met many wonderful teachers. They gave me communication skills, improved my professional knowledge and taught the basics of entrepreneurship. During the training, he took the course “Professional Development in 1C: Enterprise 8.3” (75 academic hours), at the Centro soft Academy, on the basis of the “Information Systems” department at the university. He participated in the first DIGITALSKILLS championship as part of the Republican Championship of Professional Skills WORLDSKILLS KAZAKHSTAN 2018 in the direction of “Mobile Robotics” representing the university.

Thanks to the certificate and experience, six months before graduating from the university, I was invited to work in the company Accounting. Accounting for the position of Specialist 1C. And I am glad for this, because at the moment I work in the first environmental and modern office in Almaty.

 I wish the university only to grow, reach new heights and graduate competitive specialists every year.


Tokmurza Aruzhan

Net Light Lab LLC

 E-Course Developer

My name is Aruzhan, I am a graduate of the University “Turan” specialty “Information Systems”. I was born and raised in the city of Almaty.

Prestige, quality of education, reputation, unlimited possibilities – this is what distinguishes Turan University.

The university provides all the opportunities for implementing goals and paths to success.



Chizhov Ruslan Vladimirovich

Hypermarket “Arzan”, service support specialist

My name is Ruslan, I am from the city of Almaty. For the first time, Turan University conquered me when I rented trial UNTs here: a bright building, a cozy, beautiful courtyard, but the most important thing is the university’s policy. It was very important for me to connect my specialty with my passion for computer technology. So the choice fell on the “Turan”. An equally important fact for me is the presence of a military department, which gave me the opportunity to receive a military ID simultaneously with a diploma of higher education.





Goncharov Maxim

LLC «uCredit»

I, Maxim Gorcharov, graduate of the Turan University with a degree in Information Systems in 2019.  During my studies at our university, I gained not only solid knowledge and valuable professional qualities, but also received a truly university education that distinguishes Turan from other graduates of other universities. The opportunity to combine studies with social work in a trade union organization of students developed in me first-class communication and organizational skills, gave me faithful friends and comrades, the connection with which became a solid foundation for the first professional steps.


Eskendirova Damelya Maksutovna,

Head Department of Information Technology, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Contact Information:

+ 7-701-838-73-42

260-40-27 ext. 727

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