“Management” specialty is one of the most prestigious and at the same time difficult specialties in the economic sphere, which is focused on training highly qualified managers with developed vocabulary, analytical mind, high stress tolerance, ability to defend the interests of the company.

Currently, in the conditions of globalization of world economy, in the labor market the need for specialists with a systematic view of management is increasing every day.

Now, a new managerial elite is being formed everywhere in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The general objective of “5B050700-Management” Educational program is to train specialists of economic profile, competitive in the labor market, demanded by modern enterprises and market structures, able to effectively adapt to dynamically changing social and professional conditions of activity, having a high level of readiness for the implementation of basic professional functions capable to constructively influence the nature and direction of the development of professional spheres of their activities, possessing skills of organizational work and management.

Academic degree: Bachelor

Items of choice on the UNT:

Math + Geography

UNT Disciplines (for applicants in a related specialty):

Basics of Economics + Management

Form of education: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies

Training period:

4 years after secondary education

3 years after secondary vocational education

2 years after higher education


      As part of this specialization, students will study the procedure for creating a small business, managing the personnel of a company, its finances, pricing policy of a company, taxation of business activities, organization of accounting in small enterprises and other issues that allow students to gain knowledge on how to open and develop their own business activities.

      The aim of the specialization is to educate high-class specialists to carry out various business functions in the field of entrepreneurship.


      As a part of HR-management specialization, students will learn the basics of creating a personnel policy of an enterprise, which includes developing a personnel training system, maintaining a healthy psychological climate in a team, and motivating employees. The priority task of this direction is to ensure the effectiveness of the human resource.

      The purpose of the specialization is the formation of highly qualified specialists in the field of personnel policy to build an effective system of human resource management.

  • – Practice-oriented learning;- The use of innovative learning technologies;- Training in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages;- Knowledge of foreign languages after the end of the program;- Practice in the best domestic and foreign companies in Kazakhstan;- Academic mobility;- Highly qualified faculty;- Training and 95% employment of competitive graduates.

– Introduction to entrepreneurship;

– Ethics and legal support of business;

– Business administration tools;

– Business organization;

– Management solutions in business;

– Management of innovative activity of the enterprise;

– HR Management;

– Economic Analysis Tools;

– Practical management;

– Start-up;

– The economy governance in the context of technological modernization.

Classes on “Management” educational program are conducted by highly qualified specialists, among which there are 10 doctors and 15 candidates of economic sciences, 7 doctors of PhD. Each year, teachers undergo research internships, advanced training courses abroad, as well as courses to improve the English language. The main task of the team is to ensure further improvement of the level of training of competitive specialists for the global market. Teaching staff regularly take part in international scientific conferences, symposia, congresses in the countries of near and far abroad; publish articles, scientific reports, theses in scientific journals of foreign universities and other scientific centers.

To improve the practical skills required for rapid adaptation in the international business environment, experts, business trainers, businessmen and representatives of foreign companies, foreign teachers are involved. Their practical experience, combined with theoretical, methodological, fundamental fundamentals, enriches the educational process in this specialty.

We will teach

– to organize the process of enterprise management;

– to engage in the scientific organization of labor;

– to analyze the production and economic capabilities of an organization, with the aim of proposing the best ways to improve its work;

– to develop innovation programs, draw up action plans for their implementation;

– to participate in the development of financial and investment policy of an enterprise;

– to organize research of the market for goods (services) of an enterprise;

– to analyze, systematize information on the assessment of the socio-economic situation of an enterprise;

– to conduct research on the internal and external environment of an enterprise;

– to develop investment and innovation projects and manages them;

– to conduct work on the economic and technical assessment of enterprises with a view to their acquisition;

– to form the internal financial statements of a company;

– to calculate salary and taxes;

– to engage in personnel policy;

– to explore the labor market and recruitment;

– to carry out technologies for hiring, adaptation, business evaluation, reservation and rotation of personnel;

– to simulate a business career and motivational environment in an organization.


Поспелова Татьяна Васильевна
Исполнительный директор Российского представительства Международной ассоциации «Тройной спирали». Имеет более 10 лет опыта работы с вузами и выращиванием в них проектов и команд и в менторстве университетских стартапов. Руководила организацией и проведением более 10 акселерационных программ в Кремниевой Долине. Эксперт и трекер фонда ФРИИ. Соавтор методического руководства, разработанного РВК, по курсу “Инновационная экономика и технологическое предпринимательство”.




Залучёнова Ольга Михайловна

К.э.н., доцент
Международный сертифицированный аудитор / Ведущий аудитор IRCA ISO 9001:2008, сертифицированный внутренний аудитор по требованиям международных стандартов ISO 9001:2015, ISO 19011:2011.




Хамитова Гузяль Наилевна
Магистр в области психологии, MBA
Директор по персоналу ТОО «BBK Central Eurasia».






Абсаметова Айгуль Малисовна
К.э.н., MSc in management Эдинбургского университета, стипендиат программы «Болашак», опыт работы в международных организациях, банках, консалтинге и университетах






Габдуллин Ренат Булатович
к.э.н., ассоциированный профессор, член-корреспондент Международной академии информатизации, Лауреат государственной стипендии для талантливых молодых ученых Республики Казахстан, член Евразийского клуба ученых экономистов

– University of Applied Sciences Zittau-Gerlitz, Germany;

– Varna Free University, Bulgaria

– “Triple Helix” International Association;

– Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov;

– Berjaya University, College of Hospitality, Malaysia;

– Istanbul Arel University, Turkey;

– Kastamonu University, Turkey;

– Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. Yeltsin;

– Latvia Business College;

– Virginia International University;

– Erzincan University, Turkey;

– Kent State University, USA

Academic mobility programs:

– Institute of World Economy and Finance, Astrakhan, Russia;

– Institute of Management and Business of J. Balasagyn KNU., Kyrgyz Republic;

– Varna Free University, Bulgaria;

– Latvia Business College.

“Turan” University attracts students not only with high quality of education, but also with a variety of students’ life. Students’ life is an integral part of a holistic university development program aimed at preparing students for future independent living, uncovering their scientific and creative potential, and increasing their competitiveness in the labor market. “Turan” University strongly develops and supports student initiatives. Regularly, students of “Management” specialty  take part in student scientific conferences. Based on the results of these conferences, abstracts are published, and the best works are published in leading scientific journals. Students have all the opportunities for self-realization in various areas of students’ life, which is a synthesis of youth organizations and associations in the field of business, journalism, tourism, sports, culture and others. Activities in such student organizations as “Enactus” (“Students in free entrepreneurship”), Apriori Debate Club, FRESH KVN team, TarlanTeam Club, sports club, Danse Club and many others help students to adapt at the university, opens up opportunities for self-realization in society, He brings talents, shows students how to translate non-standard projects and original ideas at the university, thereby making their lives more diverse and more comfortable. The students of “Management” specialty are activists of “Enactus Turan” student organization and participate in such events as The Enactus Kazakhstan National Expo, The competition of business ideas of “Turan” University, The opening of the summer business school of “Turan” University, The First Youth Forum on Sustainable Development in Almaty, The opening a business incubator at “Turan” University.

The main feature of the managerial profession is its versatility, which allows graduates to be in demand at enterprises of all forms of ownership and in all sectors of the economy. The profession provides excellent career opportunities, especially if such valuable employers’ skills as managerial and organizational talent, initiative and interpersonal skills are added to the acquired knowledge of the graduate.

The career of a graduate with the qualification “manager” can develop in two main areas: as a manager and as an entrepreneurial.

In managerial career, there are positions of primary, secondary and higher levels. The following professional growth is possible here: assistant manager → manager → head of department → leading specialist → project manager → head of department → vice president → president. Usually, graduate managers begin their careers from a mid-level perspective.

If you are attracted by opening your own business and you choose an entrepreneurial career, then career growth is possible from the owner of a small business to the owner of a well-known powerful corporation.

Yeralina Elmira

PhD, Head of “Management” Department of the “Turan” University

phone: 8 (727) 2604026

E-mail: e.eralina@turan-edu.kz

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